Our beautiful church near the centre of Pau was built in 1888 and the interior is richly decorated in the English style of the period.


We maintain a small garden around the side of the church.


We hold a service of Holy Communion on Sunday mornings at 10.45, followed by coffee and biscuits and from time to time we arrange congregation lunches.


We welcome children and offer a Sunday Club most Sundays.

The Sunday services are recorded and available on Youtube on a weekly basis.

Our weekly Bible Study is by Zoom on Fridays at 19.00 All are welcome. 





2 Rue O' Quin, 64000 Pau, France


 9 June  10h45 - Holy Communion - 2nd Sunday after Trinity  led by Rev Chris Welsh

On-Line Bible Study 

Our weekly Zoom on-line Bible Study will be held on Tuesday evening at 19h00 and will be led by Father Chris.
The theme for the Bible studies is to take the I AM statements from John's Gospel of which there are seven, and consider each one in turn. Father Chris doesn't intend to set lots of homework, but a sheet for preparation will be available online some days before so that if participants can, if they wish to, think about what is there - scripture, commentary, prayer and a little poetry. 

All are welcome to join, just click on the link below:

Sujet: Réunion Bible Study
Heure: 4 juin. 2024 07:00 PM Paris

Rejoindre Zoom Réunion


St Andrew's Pau

Sunday 9 June  10h45 - Holy Communion - 2nd Sunday after Trinity  led by Rev Chris Welsh


Sunday 9 June - 11h15 - Holy Communion - 2nd after Trinity - led by Rev Peter Dawson

Saturday 15 June - St Andrew's Church - Concert by an octuor of L’Ensemble Vocal Émergence (Pau) under the direction of Séverine Dervaux       (Time to be confirmed)

Sunday 16 June Holy Communion led by Rev Chris Welsh

Tuesday 18 June - from 18H30 Prière Œcuménique Itinérante Meeting - Eglise Protestante Réformée,  Salle paroissiale 7 rue Raymond Planté

Sunday 23 June - after our service at St Andrew's there will be a Bring & Share/ Auberge Espagnole style lunch in church to celebrate Rev Peter Dawson's 25th anniversary of his ordination

To have more information about the services, please get in touch with the churchwardens whose details are found on the contact page.



We regularly host a Ecumenical Prayer, gathering people from all Christian churches in Pau for a time of worship together.



Sunday 16 June  Holy Communion led by Rev Chris Welsh



St Andrew's Church (Eglise St André), 2 Rue O' Quin, 64000 Pau, France